Sometimes, things happen.  Sometimes, in order to impress the class of 2016, you find yourself on stage, wearing dreadlocks, and talking like a pirate.  Sometimes you find yourself clapping the rouser as loudly as possible, shouting the lyrics at confused underclassmen.  Sometimes you must put on your best disgusted face as a boy pretends to throw up a mixture of oatmeal and water in front of you.  Sometimes, you must dance ridiculously.

The annual OGL/Community Advisor Extravaganza was tonight.

Skits were performed, songs were sung, school spirit was abound.

What did you do with your evening?

Mamma Mia

Tonight, taking a break from paper writing and stats calculations and tuna salad (which I make often because it’s easy and can be eaten on toast), I will be driving to the Twin Cities with my lovely mother to see Mamma Mia at the Orpheum.

We will be dressing up, we will be eating dinner (advised by the Star Tribune’s Taste Section) on the town, and the event will be heavily documented by me and my point-and-shoot.

Expect evidence tomorrow.