Promising Trailers

Dear Friends,

Because it’s Sunday night, and we’re under a heat advisory (apparently that can happen in Minnesota), and I have to get up for work tomorrow, and I’m feeling fairly movie-deprived, here are the not-yet-debuted films I’m most looking forward to (minus the ones I’ve already blogged about: Anna Karenina, Ruby Sparks, etc.):

I would never have thought to cast Bill Murray as Franklin Roosevelt, but now that it’s been done, I think it’s genius.  And Laura Linney has been fantastic in everything I’ve seen.  I have high hopes.

The book was one of the most poignant teen fictions I’ve ever read, although I have doubts about a movie’s ability to capture the ‘infinite’ the book describes so well.  I think this film could easily slip into heartwarming, which would not be right.  We’ll see, though.

No explanation needed.

Oh man, I need to read this book.  I tried last summer, but didn’t get more than fifty pages in.  Also: what a talented cast they’ve chosen.

So very excited.