Last First Day of School

It’s happened.  My last first day of school.  Class roster:

Civil War and Reconstruction

Shakespeare: Studies in the Bard

Feminist Theory

Honors: The American 1950s

Honors Capstone (project of my choice)

It should be a fun semester.  There isn’t one class on that list that I’m not taking by choice/because I’ll enjoy it.

Additionally, I think I should tell you that I didn’t get the Teach for America position.  Extremely disappointing, especially because the more I thought about it, the more sure I was that I could excel at leading a classroom, but I’ll survive.  I’m thinking now (in a rapid, Holly-esque turnaround) that I might like to intern in a MN congressperson’s office.  It’s a pipe dream, but I’d like to get into politics someday (even just the minor leagues), and this seems like a good place to start.

How about those Golden Globes, eh?

Things and Risk

My friends, I just left a riveting game of “Things” to write this post.

Before that was “Risk,” which I lost, due to my apparent lack of military strategy.

Before that were the Golden Globes.  (It seems that I need to go see The Artist.  Anyone?)

And before that, at around noon, I arrived on campus, where I plan to remain for quite a while.

Salzburg, bless its heart, didn’t feel like college the way my school here does.  Salzburg felt like a strange, extended vacation, with some learning thrown in for good measure.  It’s good to be back among those who wear hooded sweatshirts to class, those who think a late night trip to Jose’s for burritos is a thrill, those who celebrate when the temperature climbs above thirty.

Yes, I think I can be happy here for the next three semesters.