Spring Break Approaching

Today, marked by another accidental sleep-in (although this time I woke up with a solid twenty minutes to spare), a smoothie machine explosion (think crushed ice sprayed in all directions.  A great deal of it landed, of course, in my hair), a lecture that taught me more about earthworms than I ever desired to know, and a ritual bashing of Anne Hathaway in “Becoming Jane.”

But today was also the last full day before Spring Break begins.  I can’t think of a more timely vacation, frankly.  Even though I won’t be partying in Miami or road tripping to Chicago (with my darling roommate), going home is enough for me.  This semester has been more dynamic and difficult and busy and monumental than any I’ve had, and while it’s exciting to be making such important decisions, it also makes me tired.

What I need now is to lie on my own bed at home and work on my story, with my very own dogs clicking around in the kitchen.

On a lighter note, I would like to thank Jeff from “365 Pretty Good Reasons” for his post referencing what I wrote about the MN Marriage Amendment, and recognizing the craziness of blogging every day for a year (boy do I know what you mean).


Tech Fee Take Two

I think I owe you a better Tech Fee explanation than the sleep-deprived name drop I tossed out last night.

Technology Fee is included in every student’s tuition for every year they’re at Morris.  The fee, once received by the University, is then transferred into a special account, which only the Student Government (MCSA) has access to.

In March, we begin receiving proposals from all areas of campus: student organizations, various departments, media services, athletic teams, the information desk, etc.  These proposals, thoroughly researched by the proposers, are for technology they feel will benefit many students at UMM.  Technology ranges from rotating lights for an auditorium to twenty-five computers for the library to an online ticketing program to digital melting point apparatuses for chemistry labs.

Last Friday and Saturday, MCSA heard proposal presentations and asked questions where necessary.  Last night, we went through every single request and discussed whether or not to fund it.  We were sitting in that hot room from 6 pm to 2:30 am discussing, which partially made me want to scream, and partially made me proud that we as a group take the process so seriously, and want to be sure that every piece of technology we fund meets all criteria.

To celebrate MCSA’s early morning accomplishment, I slept through my alarm this morning, and didn’t stir until 7:50.  I had class at 8.  I got to attend unshowered, teeth unbrushed, breakfastless, and wearing the same clothes I wore yesterday.  Thank you very much.