Cheering Up

It’s been a hard week.  I think I’ve already explained about the workload, but what has reduced me to my current state has been five straight days with less than five hours of sleep per night.

When I was a little girl and I didn’t get an adequate amount of sleep, I would have tantrums.  I would yell and scream and cry until my throat hurt and my eyes were puffy.  Then I would fall asleep, and wake a few hours later, of saner mind.

Now in college, all I can do in times of exhaustion is keep plodding on.  I chair meetings, I organize file folders at work, I discuss Woolf in class, I edit law school letters of intent.  And tonight, although I presently have absolutely no desire to spend more time in a public place, I’ll be attending the Improvised Shakespeare show on campus.  Because it’s Improvised Shakespeare.  And I’ll regret it later if I skip.

To cheer myself up, I’ve been doing the U.R. crossword.  Check out 10-across:

I’ve also been continuing my tradition of writing poetry on random whiteboards in the Humanities building.  I don’t know why I do it, exactly, except that it seems fitting, and that a pristine whiteboard is just too tempting to pass up.

(My favorite poem: “God Speaks,” by Rilke)


Sometimes, things happen.  Sometimes, in order to impress the class of 2016, you find yourself on stage, wearing dreadlocks, and talking like a pirate.  Sometimes you find yourself clapping the rouser as loudly as possible, shouting the lyrics at confused underclassmen.  Sometimes you must put on your best disgusted face as a boy pretends to throw up a mixture of oatmeal and water in front of you.  Sometimes, you must dance ridiculously.

The annual OGL/Community Advisor Extravaganza was tonight.

Skits were performed, songs were sung, school spirit was abound.

What did you do with your evening?