How My Good Days Work

I’ve said it before, and I’ll likely say it several more times:

When I have good days, I never have good-all-the-way-through-from-sunup-to-sundown good days.  I have no-sleep-last-night-zit-on-my-nose-could-this-get-any-worse days that magically morph into good days.

This morning, for example, all signs pointed to a bad day.  Well, by my above logic, I suppose that when things were dismal I should have suspected that a good day was on its way, although just because I’ve identified a pattern doesn’t mean I can make predictions…  Come now.  Who do you think I am?  (insert name of famous scientist/mathematician here)?

Back to the signs, though: I got six hours of sleep last night due to (I’m ashamed to admit) some last-minute wee-hours studying that was altogether unbecoming of someone in her last semester of college.  The temperature read -17 degrees when I awoke, and didn’t rise any while I ate breakfast, showered, and swathed myself in as many layers as I could find.

Long underwear, wool socks, fleece socks, Underarmour mock neck, sweatshirt, neck cozy (made up name.  It’s like a fleece headband for your neck, only about 6 inches wide instead of three), hat, mittens, winter coat, boots.  And so forth.

Once I had trudged to campus, thawed out a bit, sat through Feminist Theory and Shakespeare, talked a panicked anthropology candidate back from the cliff after he learned his application hadn’t been received, and eaten a very underripe pear, I received two pieces of news that turned a Bad day into a Good one:

1.  An important publishing company has asked the head of the history department (and one of my favorite professors) to do a review of a to-be-released tome.  They also asked if she could select a few students to review it as well.  And the professor asked me to be one of those students!  It’s a grand opportunity that will not only be enjoyable (we all know I go nuts for history), but that will also look rawthur snappy on a future resume.

2.  I’ve realized that for my Honors Capstone Project, I am allowed to use an existing project as a jumping-off point.  This means that I can combine my beloved Virginia Woolf with some extra research and, as the nasty saying goes, kill two birds with one stone.

This also means another semester of Woolf talk.  I hope you can handle it.  I suspect you can.

P.S. Just ate some cereal for a snack.  Just spilled said cereal all over Mac’s keypad.  Milk and technology don’t mix very well, for the record.  I’m trying not to view this as punishment for bragging so much about my good fortune.

The Madness Begins

And so the madness begins.  This week is debate week.  It’s election week.  It’s also culmination-of-two-weeks-of-stress-week.  On one hand, I’m happy that the elections will soon be over, and that I’ll be able to relax.  On the other hand, I don’t think I’ll ever feel like I’ve done enough campaigning, or reached out to enough people.

The three presidential/vice presidential teams gathered at UMM’s radio station this evening for our first official debate.  It wasn’t a debate, really; more like an interview.  I could tell the DJ wanted us to be more contentious, but I think we all wanted to save it for the real (podium) debate, which is tomorrow night.

It was interesting, being on the radio.  Mostly because it didn’t feel like anything.  We all just sat in a room together and talked into microphones; we couldn’t hear ourselves, nor could we know if anyone was listening.

In other news, here are my classes for next year:

Senior Seminar: Renaissance Romance

20th Century British Literature

Grammar and Language

East Asian History

Can you believe that I’ll be finishing up my English major?  Then next spring, I’ll just have my Honors final project, a science gen. ed., the last class for my history minor, and SHAKESPEARE (which I’ve been wanted to take since freshman year; it’s about time I got some comprehensive insight into the dear man’s work.)