Promising Trailers

Dear Friends,

Because it’s Sunday night, and we’re under a heat advisory (apparently that can happen in Minnesota), and I have to get up for work tomorrow, and I’m feeling fairly movie-deprived, here are the not-yet-debuted films I’m most looking forward to (minus the ones I’ve already blogged about: Anna Karenina, Ruby Sparks, etc.):

I would never have thought to cast Bill Murray as Franklin Roosevelt, but now that it’s been done, I think it’s genius.  And Laura Linney has been fantastic in everything I’ve seen.  I have high hopes.

The book was one of the most poignant teen fictions I’ve ever read, although I have doubts about a movie’s ability to capture the ‘infinite’ the book describes so well.  I think this film could easily slip into heartwarming, which would not be right.  We’ll see, though.

No explanation needed.

Oh man, I need to read this book.  I tried last summer, but didn’t get more than fifty pages in.  Also: what a talented cast they’ve chosen.

So very excited.

The Small Town Theater

Stats midterm tomorrow.

American Tropics Lit. essay outline due tomorrow.

I may be pulling my first legitimate all-nighter of the year.

Also, I have watched this trailer at least three times a day for the past few days, and while I will certainly find a way to see it come July 25th, it’s unfortunate that movies like this don’t come to small-town theaters.  Because small-town folks obviously can’t appreciate the low-budget quirkiness that is an Indie Film.  No, give us Transformers 3.  Give us The Lucky One.  Give us anything and everything with Nicholas Cage, and we’ll be perfectly happy.  We’ll even leave our pitchforks outside the theater.