Super 2

I stand before you tonight, feet dirty because I promised my housemate I’d water her (rather sad) garden for a few days while she’s out of town.  I also stand before you slightly pale from spending the majority of the weekend inside, researching.  I also stand before you humbled (to get to my point), because after ranting, rather unattractively, about why I generally don’t like superhero movies (see this post: Super), I saw The Amazing Spider-Man (I guess I should get aboard the hyphen train, like a good English major) last night.  And I liked it a lot.

Here’s what I liked:

1. Andrew Garfield.  I’ve seen him in Never Let Me Go, which I viewed en route from Montreal to London.  There were a few sex scenes, which I earnestly tried to shield (using everything from my hands to my empty bag of complementary pretzels) from the kindly old gentleman next to me.  I’ve also seen him in The Social Network.  In The Social Network, he does this scene:

And in Spider-Man, he’s similarly good, if generally less angry.  He does this strange, half-anguished, slightly twitchy dip of the head when he’s trying to talk to love interest Gwen, for example.  If you’ve been to a co-ed high school, you’ve probably seen the sequence a few times.  It’s terribly endearing, and is why I like him as Spider-man.  Because I believed he was a teenager, and what’s more impressive, I believed that he was a teenager who was suddenly injected with superhuman powers, and who had to figure out how to balance both.  And because Garfield’s Spider-man doesn’t dive into the whole saving people thing.  He focuses on what’s important to him: getting the girl and discovering the secret of his father’s research.  It’s only at the end when he realizes that bigger things are at stake, and that he’s likely the only one who can confront them.

2.  Cue my favorite part of the film: when the cranes are released by grateful citizens, so an injured Spider-man can swing to the rescue.

3.  Emma Stone.  What do I say about Emma Stone?  She’s funny.  She’s spunky.  She’s a better match for Peter Parker than the simpering Mary Jane.

4.  The story moved fast enough to hold attention, but wasn’t afraid to spend time on purely humorous scenes, like the one where a newly web-endowed Parker attempts to brush his teeth, and ends up accidentally destroying the bathroom.

5.  The special effects were good, of course, but it didn’t feel like the movie had been made purely to showcase them.  They were folded in, and pulled out appropriately (when they would enhance the scene).

5.  Okay I’m out of reasons.  But I liked it, really, and I didn’t even get to see it in 3D (the Morris Theatre isn’t there yet).

Will Break for Book Sales

I was utterly prepared to spend the day inside, researching.  My fan was blasting, my books were open, my unshowered ankles were crossed beneath my unshowered knees.

And then my housemate popped her head into my room and asked if I wanted to go to the library book sale.  Obviously, there was no resisting such an offer.

I got: The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, which was, hands down, the best book I read last summer (I have yet to pick a winner for this summer); The Awakening; and Marie Antoinette: Princess of Versailles, because I am a sucker for the Royal Diaries series, despite the fact that it’s written for girls half my age.

I spent $2.50 total.

And now I’m waiting until my theatre shift starts.  I’m working tickets, and then I have plans to use my free pass to actually watch the movie.  It’s “The Amazing Spiderman” this week.

This hasn’t been a very interesting post, you guys.  I’m sorry.  Maybe I’ll do a Spiderman review tomorrow.


Things That Make Me Happy

Things That Make Me Happy, A List:

1.  The special features on the Lord of the Rings extended editions

2.  Owning a fan during a heat wave

3.  The Oxford Comma

4.  Vega of Lyra

5.  Also, Spica of Virgo

6.  Staying up until 2 am to finish a fantastic book

7.  Joking around with strangers

8.  Oatmeal for breakfast

9.  Sleeping in

10.  Waking up early in the morning, realizing I don’t have to get up, and promptly falling back to sleep

11.  Frisbee

12.  Walking across campus and recognizing almost everyone I pass

13.  National Geographic Magazine

14.  Long car rides when I have a backpack o’books at my feet

15.  The Muensters

16.  Munster cheese

17.  Touring historic places

18.  Postcards

19.  Libraries

20.  Pride and Prejudice in any form

21.  Oldies music

22.  Dogs doing goofy things

23.  That freshly-showered, clean feeling

24.  Getting lots of wax on the Q-tip when I clean my ears (gross, but true)

25.  Painted fingernails

26.  Exploring new towns

27.  People riding lawnmowers across town

28.  Poetry

29.  Working at the movie theatre

30.  Root beer

31.  Amazonian cultures that are untouched by the rest of civilization

32.  Teddy Roosevelt

33.  The color blue

34.  Survivor

35.  Secret handshakes

36.  Wikipedia

37.  When professors use Wikipedia

38.  Sweaters

39.  Making lists

40.  Going for walks

41.  Concerts, especially of the free variety

42.  Fall

43.  Nature programs (before they began involving aliens)

44.  Not losing at Hearts (a rarity)

45.  When the radio plays songs you’re in the mood for

46.  The first day of school

47.  New jeans

48.  Crossword puzzles

49.  Crazy genius writers (I’m looking at you, Ernest)

50.  The fact that you, friend, have read all the way down to 50.  Thanks for that.

Things Are Afoot

It’s Saturday night, and things are afoot.

I worked two concessions shifts at the theatre, between which I tiptoed in to actually watch the movie.  It was Brave, and I thought it was pretty wonderful, although definitely not what I expected.  More bears and magic than I anticipated, to be brief.  But plenty of laughs (once again I outstripped all children in the audience in that department).  And, forgive me, but I spent much of the movie being mesmerized by the heroine’s hair.  It was like a separate character.

Up forever has my heart in the world of Disney-Pixar.

Then, needing fresh air, and an escape from the smell of popcorn and the slick of grease between my fingers, I went for a bike ride around town, looping back through campus just as it got dark.

And now, because a good friend of mine is in Morris, and because I’d like to feel like a college student for an evening, and not like a responsible adult, we’re going on a hike.  Destination will not be disclosed at this time.

Also, I just have to tack this on the end, because I shrieked with delight when I watched the trailer this afternoon.  Joe Wright is one of my favorite directors, not just because his films are exquisite, because he turns good books into good movies, and because he appreciates the force of Keira Knightley’s acting as I do (yes, I can defend that statement), but because he does period films.  Period films.  Period.