A Procrastination Poem

I’ve been at the library for weeks and months,

or maybe two hours.

I’ve bobbed up and down several times, up to check out two movies

(needed to write my paper on the cinematography of The Queen and Gandhi),

down again to write a paragraph, hammering at my thesis with bit-blunt nails

I would rather sink into this uncomfortable wooden chair

And watch Helen Mirren do her best

But instead I have to focus on the way the light bounces off her hair

and the reason why she stands behind the couch instead of sitting upon it with the rest of them.

Why should I suffer so, you wonder?

Folded into coat and scarf in the corner of the first floor?

For my GPA, of course.

And to graduate with Honors, and to get into grad school and to earn my masters and doctorate

and to eventually sit in a far more palatable chair, doling out papers such as these

to poor juniors who would rather



Paper Writing Season

It’s paper-writing season again, unfortunately, and I’m stuck until Tuesday evening with a prompt asking me to compare the representations of leaders in “The Queen” and “Gandhi,” focusing specifically on cinematography.

I don’t mind writing about films.

What I do mind is the fact that as I’ve only seen Gandhi a few times and am not overly familiar with it, I’ll likely need to rewatch the entire three hours in order to write this particular paper.

In other news, I got an A on my story.  The workshoppers were kind, although they pointed out something I would never have caught on my own: that my opening paragraphs make my protagonist sound like a prostitute.  Whoops.