The Small Town Theater

Stats midterm tomorrow.

American Tropics Lit. essay outline due tomorrow.

I may be pulling my first legitimate all-nighter of the year.

Also, I have watched this trailer at least three times a day for the past few days, and while I will certainly find a way to see it come July 25th, it’s unfortunate that movies like this don’t come to small-town theaters.  Because small-town folks obviously can’t appreciate the low-budget quirkiness that is an Indie Film.  No, give us Transformers 3.  Give us The Lucky One.  Give us anything and everything with Nicholas Cage, and we’ll be perfectly happy.  We’ll even leave our pitchforks outside the theater.

Like Nancy Drew

Thursday has come through once again.

I had an epiphany in statistics this morning, which meant that I gasped and reeled back in my chair and ignored the stares of my peers.  And then I looked to the heavens with the glorious realization that Tuesday’s midterm may leave me alive after all.  Because, my friends, I understand confidence intervals.  And p-values.  And how to write conclusions without assuming you know more than you actually do.

It’s a miraculous thing, especially coming from the girl who frequently struggles with basic arithmetic.

Next was Gender and Sexuality in Literature of the American Tropics, which I’ve come to enjoy immensely.  We finished reading “Down These Mean Streets” last night, and did a sort of wrap-up in class today.  And I had a heck of a lot to say.  I may have been a bit annoying, actually, but the ideas just kept coming: homosexuality as being portrayed as institutionalized at Comstock, Christianity as both creating opportunities and limiting them, the fact that ‘heart’ in the book is ironically externalized instead of internalized…

Here’s one of the things I love about being an English major:

There’s a moment, whenever you read a piece of literature, when suddenly all of the content falls away, and you’re left with historical context, form, literary theory, etc.  And you begin to see the work not as a mere story, but as a conglomeration of elements put together just so to create many greater truths.  It’s a Nancy Drew when she solves a mystery and rides off in her baby blue convertible sort of feeling.

And I can’t think anything better.


It’s been rawthur an interesting Saturday around these parts, as it’s our first Saturday back, and as no one has enough homework to keep them from making rawthur interesting Saturday plans.

This morning I woke at the crack of dawn (8:15) to go open at the coffee desk (not really what it’s called, but the best I can do).  Everything went fine, due, in part, to my boss showing up to oversee the beginning of my shift.  Apparently she heard about the mocha volcano of last week.

After work was forty-five minutes of reading at the library (“Hawaii’s Story By Hawaii’s Queen,” the first of my American Tropics novels), and then we hiked through the cheek-chafing winds to the Fitness Center for volleyball practice.  Somehow I’ve been made captain, and so I had to fumble my way through making up drills and assigning scrimmage teams.  I also had to get my serves over the net, because who wants to take orders from a captain who can’t even serve?

At 4:30 was Pinestorm, in which a bunch of ex-Pine Hall residents took over Pine’s TV lounge for a few hours to screen “Troll 2.”  If you haven’t seen “Troll 2,” find a way.  Trust me:  find a way.  It’s the best worst movie you’ll ever watch.  Here’s all the proof you need:


So Many Movies, So Little Time

For my Politics and Film class, I have to watch “V for Vendetta” by Tuesday.  What a chore.  I GUESS I’ll spend an evening watching a great movie and analyzing it.  I GUESS I’ll discuss said movie in a room full of people who love films as much as I.

For Statistics, I’m supposed to watch “The Joy of Statistics,”which is hilarious, according to my roommate.  She’s a stats minor, so I have my suspicions.

And finally, I received “Jane Eyre” (the new one) for Christmas.  I haven’t watched it yet because I’m in the camp of people who believe that it’s important to wait until you’re in justtheright mood for a movie before you actually watch it.  This practice ensures full viewing enjoyment.  “Jane Eyre’s” number hasn’t been called yet, but I have a feeling it’ll be her turn soon.

For now, I’m trying to content myself with American Tropics readings and the muffled sound of Jeff Bridges’ “True Grit.”  I have work in the morning, so no movies tonight.