About the Blog (and Me)

This blog was initially started as a New Year’s resolution.  I resolved to blog once a day, every day for an entire year.  Well, I’ve completed that year (with a few hiccups), and am now safely into 2013.  Although I am somewhat less ambitious (and somewhat busier) than I used to be, this blog will continue to be updated on a regular basis.

I’m Holly.  I graduated last May from the University of Minnesota, Morris with a major in English literature/writing (area of focus: Virginia Woolf worship) and a minor in history (area of focus: John Adams is the best Founding Father).

I have now officially ventured into the wide/frightening/wonderful world of adulthood.  I am currently living at home, working part-time, and seeking–with every fiber of my being–my first post-graduate full-time job.  Let me know if you know of any openings.  Seriously.  Let me know.

As for the “theme” of this blog, well, I try to keep that one open.  I don’t believe in restricting what I write about.  I draw lines where I need to and expand my repertoire when I think the content needs a boost.  The nice people at BlogHer might call this a “life blog,”  although frankly, unless a blog is being written by a member of the undead, all blogs are “life blogs.”

For those of you who like to know what you’re getting into, here are some typical topics:

In Which I Believe Virginia Woolf is the Best Writer in the Universe

In Which I Behave Clumsily

In Which I Attempt to Write Poetry

In Which I Attempt to Write Short Stories

In Which I Fondly Describe my Dog

In Which I Travel

In Which I Play Favorites

In Which I Geek Out About Films

In Which I Geek Out About History

In Which I Become a Runner (Sort of)

If none of these catch your eye, check out the right sidebar on the blog’s main page: there’s a huge cloud of keywords under “What I Write About” (I’m a tagging fiend).

Although this is a small blog currently (expansion coming soon!), I encourage you to comment on a post if you have an opinion or question.  I believe that the beauty of blogging is not that I get to spew my thoughts to the Internet (I mean, that’s fun too), but rather that I get to start a conversation with you, the reader.

Thanks for visiting, folks.

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