Two Colins

My dream from last night is hazy except for the part where I was back in kindergarten and meeting one of my childhood chums for the first time.  I say “chums,” because everyone is generally friends in kindergarten, although I distinctly remember disliking this boy at first because he was loud and rough and I was shy.  So shy, as a matter of fact, that while my September birthday might have qualified me to head to school early, my parents decided to keep me back another year for fear that I would be too timid to make friends.

Anyway, in the dream, the boy told me that his name was Colin.

I was delighted.  “Colin? I love that name!  One of my favorite literary characters is named Colin.  That’s in a book called The Secret Garden.  Everyone else likes Dickon because he talks to animals and isn’t so cranky in the beginning, but Colin is the best at the end.”

Kindergarten Colin gave me an incredulous look.

So much for being too timid to make friends.

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