What I did today:

1. Was invited by the Chancellor to meet with the U of MN Board of Regents (they basically run the entire University of Minnesota system).  It was a dozen or so student leaders in a room with the Regents, and we all got to chat about why we like Morris, what could be better at Morris, how much debt we’ve accumulated, why the Regents haven’t publicly denounced the marriage amendment, etc.  Plus I got to skip class and drink berry black tea (which was so good that I stole an extra packet).

2.  Judged the Halloween Costume Contest.  The contest was an idea I had at the beginning of the year.  Not many people at UMM typically dress up for class on Halloween, and I viewed this as a tragedy that warranted a remedy.  The contest, then, was aimed to give students an excuse to dress up and be festive on the happiest day of the year.  I think it worked, folks, because we had 86 entries in the contest, and I had several professors comment to me about how great the costumes were, and how lively campus was because of it.  I know that planning a costume contest as a student government project reverts a little back to middle school student council, when decorating for dances was our ‘big project.’ But I also know that it’s important for student government to come down off its pedestal every now and then.  I’ll be taking on gender neutral bathrooms next, however, so there will be balance.

3.  Played in my first intramural doubles badminton match of the season.  My gentleman caller and I lost.  Mostly, I strongly suspect, due to my tendency to let serves drop, thinking them to be out-of-bounds.  They rarely were.


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