Instant Ambiance? Priceless.

Today, we walked down to the Hardware Hank’s.  Once inside, we descended a flight of steps into the shelf-lined basement they call “Toyland.”  Yes, there are toys down there: dusty Barbies posed inside pink plastic convertibles, robots strung with spider webs, and books with waterstained pages.

In a corner of Toyland, stacked haphazardly on the concrete, are boxes of Christmas lights leftover from last season.

I bought a string of 100 blue lights, and a pack of mini Command hooks.

At home, I strung the lights up and around my Beatles album poster, and over my doorway and my closet.

The blue glow, which illuminates Paul McCartney’s shining face before hovering down against my dresser mirror and my ever-oscillating fan, is lovely.  Somehow, it makes the most riveting of studying seem obsolete.

Best $10 I ever spent.


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