The Last First Day of School

Today was my last first day of school.  I say that, not with confidence, as the graduate school issue is still very much up in the air, but because it sounds dramatic, and because I’ve been dreading this day for most of my life.

This morning I had yogurt for breakfast, and ate it crouched on our new couch.  The couch, compliments of the Salvation Army, is yellow with multicolored daisies.  It’s so ugly that it’s actually glorious.

Because two of my housemates also had 9:15 classes, we set out from Bag End (I kid you not; houses have names in Morris, and ours has been recently christened) together.  Jordan was chipper, despite having flown in from a summer-long stint in Norway yesterday.  He clasped coffee and led our small band down the cracked sidewalk.  Joey, freckles pale, pushed his bike.  He had been out late the night before.  I trotted next to him, trying to let the largeness of the day wash over me.

My first class was Grammar and Language.  This is the nerdiest class I’ll probably ever take, but it’s also one of the most valuable.  I consider myself, mostly due to my extensive reading, a good speller and grammatician.  But I don’t know how to diagram a sentence.  I don’t know the history of the English language.  I don’t retain the difference between “who” and “whom,” despite having Googled it several times.

I went home for lunch afterward, and then returned to campus for a 1:00 literary festival planning meeting.  Then came 20th Century British Fiction, aka Woolf Lit.  We’re reading just about every novel ever written by dear Virginia.  It’s a small class, maybe 20 people, so I hope that discussions will be lively.

Immediately following was my Senior Seminar course.  Senior Seminars at Morris are required for every major.  They vary, but in the English department, Seminar courses are themed, and students must write and present a 12-15 page paper following the theme.  My Seminar is Renaissance Romance, which I know absolutely nothing about.  Thankfully, before we’re expected to come up with our own thesis, we spend time reading lots of materials that familiarize us with the topic.

At 6 I had a Higbies staff meeting, and then I attempted to mow our lawn.  I got about one-quarter of the lawn done before the mower died, and resisted all rehabilitation.

I think tomorrow, once I’ve slept in and recuperated from OGL, will be a better day.


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