Moved In

After a series of events involving no curtains and a hmong cucumber, I find myself fully moved into my final Morris residence.

Of course, the lights are off because there are no curtains, and I don’t want every mosquito in town to find me.  And of course, there are two large hmong cucumbers sitting on the counter downstairs, because my landlord lets a sweet couple use her backyard for their garden, and they were kind enough to share the harvest.  I thought about having some spoils for dinner, but lacked the necessary hacksaw.

So now it’s just me, uncovered windows, and the cucumber-that-doubled-as-a-battering-ram.  The house is mostly empty and incredibly echoey, but my room is settled.  Beatles poster, world map, loaded bookshelf, Jeopardy calendar.  That’s all I need, really.  Maybe a bed too.


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