I was thinking about writing an uninspired, pessimistic post about how busy I’ve been lately, but decided instead, to spare both of us that sort of misery, to pull a Pollyanna and look for the good in today.

The Good, A Compilation:

1. Spending time with Ponyboy and Cherry.  There are a lot of good things about hanging out with a three-year-old and a two-year-old, but my favorite good thing has to be the times (and they’re rare), when we’re just sitting still, chatting.  Today at the park, for example, we were sitting on a bench having a ‘picnic’ (the kids were eating almonds and string cheese), and we began discussing Sesame Street.  I sang the “Elmo’s World” song, which I remembered from that bitter period when I was too old for Sesame Street but my little sister wasn’t.  Sometimes it felt like the PBS folks broadcasted it several times a day just to spite me.

When I finished singing, Ponyboy giggled.  Then: “Can we play Hot Lava Monster now?  And can you be the Hot Lava Monster?  And this time, you can’t climb up the slide to get us.”

2. I was running late this morning, having spent twenty precious minutes lazing on my bed with oatmeal and Huffington Post.  Just as I opened the front door to leave, an older woman walked her dog past my house.  She paused when she saw me, however, and pulled the dog off to the side, clearing the way for me.  “That’s okay!” I called, “I have to unlock my bike first, anyway.”  The woman didn’t move, which I thought was strange.  As I pushed my bike toward the sidewalk, however, I realized that the reason the woman had stopped was because her dog had plopped right down on the sidewalk, and was watching me intently, tail wagging.  “Can I pet your dog?”  I asked.  “Of course you can,” she replied, “she must have sensed that you’re a dog person.”

3. Passing the time during class lectures by writing down the idioms my professor is fond of using.  Other gems:

“Electromagnetic radiation is the gift that keeps on giving.”

“Jupiter is the home-wrecker of our solar system.”

The best part is that he delivers these lines with such a deadpan expression that I’m never sure if he’s making a joke, or merely trying to keep us interested by using non-scientific lingo.

4. Listening to the Stuff You Missed In History Class podcast as I biked to and from work and class.  Today’s episode was about the Brontës.

5. Ten days until my summer vacation begins.

6. I’ve started my young adult story, and wouldn’t you know, it’s going to be a science fiction (sort of).  How is it that the genre I’m not so fond of reading is the genre I seem to gravitate (no pun intended) toward writing (at least lately)?


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