It’s funny, now, to think that I spent a semester in Austria.  That last year around this time I was filling out forms and moaning over hideous passport photos and generally looking forward to departure.  And now that’s all finished.  People no longer ask me about it, except for today, when I ran into a friend I haven’t seen for about a year.  Since I studied abroad in the Fall and she in the Spring, we completely missed each other.

In the middle of the buggy sidewalk, we chatted about our respective journeys for a few minutes.  I bumbled a bit; for some reason I have a lot of trouble summarizing my time in Salzburg, because I suppose it seems more like a chapter of my life than a trip that can be compressed into a five sentence paragraph.

But, because the run-in made me nostalgic, and because my next travel adventure is three whole weeks away, here is last Fall in a nutshell:

Salzburg is utterly lovely

Especially near Christmas

Unipark, where I took most of my classes

My dorm

Other places I visited:


The Tower of London; one of my favorite parts of the whole semester. I could have stayed all day.

Vienna, where I saw an Opera (The Magic Flute) for four Euros.



Where this glorious bookstore is located

We also went to Versailles, but like a fool, I forgot my camera that day.



At the Berlin Zoo, I was nearly decapitated by a black swan. Figures.

Prague, home of the John Lennon Wall, oddly enough.


Where I took blurry (and illegal) photographs of Picasso masterpieces

Innsbruck, where a graveyard lies at the bottom of an Olympic ski jump.

And where Swarovski crystals are made, behind the creepy “head of the giant”


Dachau Concentration Camp (Munich)

And finally, I joined an Ultimate Frisbee team. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


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