Third-to-Last First Day of Class

My third-to-last first day of class was today.  It was Introduction to the Solar System, my sole summer class, and my sole remaining general education requirement.


1.  The professor seems kind, and is thorough about providing examples when he’s explaining something.  I don’t think he has a lot of self-confidence about his lecturing, though; I was tentative about asking questions because they seemed to disconcert him so much.

2.  I remember learning about the solar system in elementary school, but I haven’t really touched it since.  It’ll be nice to get back on the horse in that department, even without poor little Pluto.

3.  “This class will not be math intensive” = huge sigh of relief.  And then, to my despair, math came regardless.  We received a refresher course in trigonomentry, scientific notation, and geometry.  Oh, boy.

4.  I know several people in the class, which is helpful for the exchange of disparaging looks.  And for general merriment in the lab.

5.  Four hours a day five days a week is going to be a lot.

6.  On my walk home tonight, I picked out the constellation Leo in the sky.  Now that’s progress.


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