Sounds of Summer (Failed Attempt)

This post was supposed to be a carefully-selected smorgasboard (oxymoron?  Maybe?) of videos.  The videos were supposed to represent songs that remind me of summer, and my commentary following every video was supposed to be wittily reminiscent of a late night infomercial.

Unfortunately, as often happens when I become too ambitious with my technological dealings, the videos didn’t show up.

So I’m giving up, and will, for this post at least, quit being lazy and actually write something.

I spent the better part of the afternoon in the Social Science office moving file cabinets around, and then digging through hundreds of keys so that said file cabinets might be unlocked.  No luck, but as I wrote the lock numbers on my hand in permanent marker, I will be forced to check every key I come across for the rest of my life.

Not much else to report.  More reading, more GRE studying, more bike riding, more working.  And lots of walks at night, which should surely be required in the summer, as I can’t think of anything lovelier.


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