Day Tripper

Not much to report.

It’s cold enough that my fan is off, my windows are closed, and I have a blanket on my lap.

The plan was to make creamy cucumbers for dinner, but I realized this morning, after another largely sleepless night, that I forgot to buy vinegar.  I’ll do that tomorrow.

An hour ago, I pulled out The Norton Anthology of American Literature, Volume A for perusal.  Not much happened except that I reaffirmed my belief that John Smith was utterly and insufferably full of himself.  I wish Disney had at least gotten that part right.  Who writes an autobiography in third person, anyway?

Tonight is my first movie theater shift.  I’ll be working concessions, which should be simple enough.  Scoop popcorn, pull lever to flood waxy cup with Pepsi, retrieve rattling boxes of Nerds or Milkduds for waiting customers.

I don’t mean to sound so sarcastic, really.  I just need to learn to keep myself occupied when I’m not working.  I don’t know if I can take another slow day like this one.  Even in the summer.

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