Summer Plan

It’s 11:47 and I’ve only just realized that it’s 11:47.  Sorry about that.  I spent this afternoon in Stillwater with my elementary/middle school/probably forever friend Mara, and I spent this evening packing for my return to campus.

I’m looking forward to spending the summer at school.  As much as I like being home, and working at Target, I’m ready for a change this year.

This summer will consist of:

1.  A few hours a week working in an office on campus.

2.  Helping an English professor of mine finish his book (I’ll be editing, fact-checking, indexing, and bibliographing).

3.  Volunteering at a local movie theater.

4.  Studying for the GRE.  Got the massive study books today.  Let’s see if they can help me remember 3rd grade fractions.  (Good luck to them)

5.  Writing a novel.  Yes, for the first time in my life, I’m saying it.  I’m writing a novel.  I finally have an idea that’s big enough and interesting enough, and I’m going for it.

6.  Reading endlessly.

7.  Running.  Man, I hate running.  But I’m going to try and pick up where I left off when elections began back in March.

8.  Spending as much time outside as I possibly can.  Running fits in here, as does reading (depending on the mosquito situation).

9.  Looking into grad school.  Not just where I want to go, but what I want to go for, and for how long.  I’m thinking Masters first, then job, then PhD, but I’ll have to ask around and see what the best route is for an English person.

10.  There should always be a number ten.  So I’m going to say SNL.  Every week.  No more papers to get in my way.

P.S. I know the header photo is blurry, and I’m sorry.  But I took it (illegally) inside Shakespeare and Company in Paris, and I thought crooked shelves of eclectic books represented my summer plan well.


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