Mother’s Day =

Mother’s Day=

1. Early morning dog wake up

2. A gigantic cinnamon roll for breakfast

3. A three-hour drive home

4. A trip to a local pottery sale (no luck finding a bowl to match the one we already have, but the “potters for peace” bumper sticker we saw made up for it)

5. More driving in Wisconsin, this time searching for a good place to eat lunch

6. Famous Dave’s?  Yep.

7. Ice cream afterwards?  Yep.

8.  Late afternoon yard work.  Mom mowed, I attempted to trim the bushes.  Despite high aspirations of hedges shaped like rabbits and William Shakespeare’s bust, the results were rather scraggly.  Mom was too nice to say so.

9.  Redbox rental: Something Borrowed.  I was indignant that the main character was allowed to have her man and her happy ending after committing serious moral offenses.  And that the best friend (Kate Hudson), who, yes, had her faults, but who was ultimately the victim in the situation, was somehow portrayed as the bad guy.  And John…poor John Krasinski…the best friend/writer.  The one person in the movie who actually deserved to be in a relationship at the end of it…was ditched in London.  That seems to happen to writers a lot, doesn’t it?  I give it two out of five stars, mostly because John was funny.

10. Next Food Network Star.  Anyone?

11.  Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!  Love you!


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