Being a Lady

Last night, having finished making a (delicious, I’m sure) mango smoothie for a waiting customer, I handed it to her only to realize that my back hurt.  Suddenly.  And a lot.

Of course, being a lady, I did not complain.  I simply continued on with my work, only hunching slightly as I walked.

When I woke this morning, glazed with the stupor that often comes with 6:40 am wake ups, I hardly felt my back at all.  But in statistics I felt it.  Man, I felt it.  I would shift in my chair until I found a bearable position, only to have the pinching in my lower back reannounce itself within a few minutes.

I asked my neighbor if she had ibuprofen.  Nope.

I asked the girls in front of me, who gave me scandalized glares.  Nope.

Finally, unable to take it anymore (yeah, I’m tough), I bolted out of the classroom and down to the Science/Math Division Office, where I practically begged the receptionist for painkillers.  She was lovely about it, luckily, and even offered to give me some for later.

And now, at the pinnacle of the story, I am lying on my stomach, a half-empty bag of frozen veggies propped against my butt.

My roommate has already been in to take pictures of the scene, which will surely be appearing on Facebook shortly.

It’s all very dignified.

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