Jazz Fest, besides heralding music through the halls of the Student Center, heralds in people as well: high school students, their parents, alumni, community members, professional jazz performers, etc.

I worked at Higbies this morning, shoveling scones onto trays and listening to the tenors warm up around the corner.

A man came up to the counter, admired the shiny newness of the setup, and then asked,

“Do you serve Caribou Coffee here?”


And then:

“Are you trying to make up for Minnesota’s lack of civilization?”

Let me tell you, friends: I was happy my coworker was there.  She was able to chatter politely with him while I glowered in the corner.

In other (more civilized) news, I got another celebrity autograph today.  I know I’m pathetic, but I can’t help it.  Guess who?

I didn’t meet him, but a friend of mine who “doesn’t give two shits about Josh Hartnett” did.

I’ll take it.

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