The Madness Begins

And so the madness begins.  This week is debate week.  It’s election week.  It’s also culmination-of-two-weeks-of-stress-week.  On one hand, I’m happy that the elections will soon be over, and that I’ll be able to relax.  On the other hand, I don’t think I’ll ever feel like I’ve done enough campaigning, or reached out to enough people.

The three presidential/vice presidential teams gathered at UMM’s radio station this evening for our first official debate.  It wasn’t a debate, really; more like an interview.  I could tell the DJ wanted us to be more contentious, but I think we all wanted to save it for the real (podium) debate, which is tomorrow night.

It was interesting, being on the radio.  Mostly because it didn’t feel like anything.  We all just sat in a room together and talked into microphones; we couldn’t hear ourselves, nor could we know if anyone was listening.

In other news, here are my classes for next year:

Senior Seminar: Renaissance Romance

20th Century British Literature

Grammar and Language

East Asian History

Can you believe that I’ll be finishing up my English major?  Then next spring, I’ll just have my Honors final project, a science gen. ed., the last class for my history minor, and SHAKESPEARE (which I’ve been wanted to take since freshman year; it’s about time I got some comprehensive insight into the dear man’s work.)


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