May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

I’m posting now, from the dimming orange-ness of early evening, because I won’t be posting later, from the lines in front of the Morris Movie Theater.

Why yes, I will be attending the premiere tonight.  I already have my ticket.  I ate veggies for dinner and will be eating popcorn and Reese’s Pieces for dessert.  I may be doing a little campaigning whilst I wait, talking platform with the rest of the chattering UMMers in line: “See?  I’m a normal person.  I wait for hours in the rain for movies, too.”


I got my first workshop comments via email today.  I told myself I wouldn’t read them until after the in-class workshop tomorrow, as I want to be surprised by people’s reactions and idea, but I couldn’t help reading just one email.  Luckily for my ego, it was a good one.  The girl who wrote it was thoughtful, thorough, and actual knew quite a bit about the historical period.  She also had extremely good suggestions for improvement.  I may have her read everything I write from now on.

I’m not nervous for tomorrow, but I may be when the time comes.  I’ve rarely had my creative writing workshopped, and it’s an entirely different experience from having an essay workshopped.  Everything I write creatively (and, I suspect, everything everyone writes creatively) is intensely personal, and reflects not only the span of my innovation, but the things I think about and worry about.  The other difficult thing about this workshop is that the author (me) is not allowed to comment/ask questions/answer questions until the very end of the period.  So, if someone is getting something entirely, entirely wrong, not only will I not be able to lunge across the table and shake them, but I won’t be able to explain anything.

Happy Hunger Games, everyone.


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