The Fault in our Stars

There’s some campaigning in my future.  I won’t disclose much, because this really isn’t the place, but I will say that I’m running for vice president of student government, and that there is a lot of work ahead.

The funny thing about running for office is that just because you clearly see that you are the better candidate, doesn’t mean that other people see it as well.  People need to be persuaded.  It’s very tiresome, having to be likeable and eloquent and convincing all the time.  I love it.

I’ve spent most of my evening lying on my bed reading John Green’s “The Fault in our Stars.”  It’s so magnificently written that I’m almost afraid to finish it, because Mr. Green is the kind of author who sees what needs to happen to his characters, and who lets it happen despite the pain it causes his readers.  I’m not sure, but I sense that the end of this book will have some magnificent despair.

That being said, it’s back to my own story, which I wrote on for hours yesterday, in a kind of trance.  Let’s hope I can get back to that tonight.


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