When Timed Tests Ruled the Earth

I hate timed tests.  I’ve hated them since the dawn of time, when multiplication tables came into being, and I discovered that teachers have a universal love of forcing you to do something difficult in only a few minutes.  It’s over quickly at least, but the stress is still enough to keep you up nights.

And then there was Statistics.  I like the subject enough in class, and when I’m working on my homework assignments.  But two hour midterms when your internet dies and the stats program freezes are a different story.  That was my evening.

Give me a week to prepare and I’ll ace a test.  But put a highly restrictive time limit on that test, and I’ll freeze and crack and melt onto the carpet like a puddle of Calamine-colored puke.

Luckily, there’s a Pizza Hut in this town.  Also luckily I have friends who like me enough to agree to play Trivial Pursuit with me on a Friday night.

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