Valentine’s Day

As usual, this happy holiday was filled with candy, cards, and covert operations.  The Three C’s of Valentine’s Day, if you will.

An especially interesting incident happened this morning in statistics.  At 8 am sharp the professor walked in holding a bouquet of roses wrapped in plastic.  He announced that someone in the class would be receiving the flowers after the lecture, as if they were a prize for knowing the difference between a bar graph and a stem plot.  A few minutes later, he added that someone’s boyfriend had arranged for the roses.  Dozens of eyes were instantly blinking between cell phone and flowers, dozens of pens paused in favor of wondering if the boyfriend had actually gotten his act together this year.  Finally, at the very end of class, the professor announced that the roses were for a Julia.  Silence.  Julia?  Laughter.

Apparently there either wasn’t a Julia in statistics at all and her boyfriend had made a mistake, or Julia had skipped class that morning in favor of sleeping in, a decision that certainly did not merit such perfect roses.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


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