A Breakfast Portrait

Walking out of the Student Center this afternoon, head held high and boots clacking, I all of the sudden heard a chorus of “Don’t step in it!”  Too late.  Looking down, I observed that I was standing in a large puddle of calamine-colored vomit.

Knowing I didn’t have much time to get to class, I only paused for a disparaging moment before continuing on my way.  Behind me, I heard a shriek as someone else stumbled into the same mess.

I was able to shuffle my soles clean on the still-exposed grass as I walked, but once you step in puke, I think, you never quite believe you’re free of it.

In other (vomitless) news, here’s the movie roundup for this weekend:*****

I know I’m going to love “Amelie.”  I just know it.

Why haven’t I seen this movie before?  I have no idea.  All I know about it is that there’s an egg-eating scene that my high school English teacher made us watch because in it, Mr. Newman is clearly playing the Christ-figure.

Richard the Lionheart and I share the same birthday, you know.  It is this bond that has led me to obsessively research his life.  Katherine Hepburn is just a perk.  Really.

I’ll freely admit that I mainly checked this one out for the hours and hours of glorious special features.  I’m kind of a freak.

*****Note:  I definitely will not get to all of these this weekend.  Maybe two, tops.  But it makes me feel good to have an adequate movie selection on a Friday night.


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