Stage Beauty

I watched this tonight:

And it was phenomenal and thought-provoking and made me wonder why in the world movies like this don’t get Oscar nominations.

And why people like Billy Crudup, who performs well every time I see him (Big Fish, anyone?  Almost Famous?) don’t get Oscars, and people like Nicholas Cage, who chooses to do films such as Knowing and  Ghost Rider, do (I wish I were lying; check his IMDB page).

Besides Stage Beauty, I also checked out out the Ethan Hawke Hamlet, and The Hours.  You can see what kind of cinematic mood I’m in this weekend.

In other news, I need to write a 15-20 page short story by the end of February.  Not only have I not started said story, but I currently have no ideas whatsoever.  This is not for lack of effort; I’ve been thinking and thinking for three weeks now.

Can I just steal some F. Scott and pass it off as mine?  Do you think anyone would notice?


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