So Many Movies, So Little Time

For my Politics and Film class, I have to watch “V for Vendetta” by Tuesday.  What a chore.  I GUESS I’ll spend an evening watching a great movie and analyzing it.  I GUESS I’ll discuss said movie in a room full of people who love films as much as I.

For Statistics, I’m supposed to watch “The Joy of Statistics,”which is hilarious, according to my roommate.  She’s a stats minor, so I have my suspicions.

And finally, I received “Jane Eyre” (the new one) for Christmas.  I haven’t watched it yet because I’m in the camp of people who believe that it’s important to wait until you’re in justtheright mood for a movie before you actually watch it.  This practice ensures full viewing enjoyment.  “Jane Eyre’s” number hasn’t been called yet, but I have a feeling it’ll be her turn soon.

For now, I’m trying to content myself with American Tropics readings and the muffled sound of Jeff Bridges’ “True Grit.”  I have work in the morning, so no movies tonight.


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