First Day of Classes

The thing about taking an 8 a.m. class is that usually, you have to wake up before 8 a.m.

Since it was the first day of classes, and since I’m slow in the morning, I set my alarm for 6:30, which I thought would give me plenty of time to shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, gather my books, and arrive in my statistics classroom early.  What actually happened was that I spent a next-to-sleepless night tossing and turning.  Over what, I couldn’t tell you, although I suspect that I was simply excited about school starting, and worried about sleeping through my alarm.  Which is, ironically, exactly what happened.  At some point in the early morning, I have reason to believe that I turned off my alarm, thinking that since I was already awake, I may as well not wake my roommate with the blaring of “Bell Tone No. 1.”  Then I promptly fell asleep, not to stir until 7.

I still managed to get ready in time, and was even fifteen minutes early to class, but it was a shaky way to start the day.

Besides stats, I also had Gender and Sexuality in Literatures of the American Tropics this morning.  Although I’m still a little incredulous at the specificity of (and my unfamiliarity with) the course topic, I really like the professor.  He’s a young guy, sent over from the graduate department of the Twin Cities campus.  Additionally, during his introduction, he encouraged everyone in class to come “shoot the shit” with him in his office sometime.  Gotta love student teachers.

The rest of my day, as it currently stands, will be filled with napping, dinner, Politics and Film class at 6, and then work at the Information Center/Cafe from 10 until goodnessknowswhen.

I’ll see you tomorrow.


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