Back to Campus

My mother told my sister yesterday that I must be ready to get back to school, as I’m getting a little loopy.

After all, I did reenact Mission Impossible with a Nerf Gun.

If that doesn’t signify my need to get back to serious book learning, than I don’t know what does.

I go back Sunday, me and my multitudes of Sterilite totes, containing, among other things, the seventeen textbooks I was complied to purchase (woe is me; more books).

Despite my eagerness to be back on campus, I’m also concerned about this semester.  I’ll be taking 18 credits, which would be okay except that I have three jobs on top of those credits.  And I plan to do intramurals.  And I plan to serve on student government, attend shows and dances, and spend time with the many people I missed last semester.

Factor in a few hours of procrastination per night, and I’m booked solid.

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