Churn on Thursday

We pause to appreciate the loveliness of a Thursday that allowed me to loathe a coworker one moment, and think that perhaps she wasn’t so bad the next.  That allowed me to drive home humming oldies, and later spend a good half hour rolling around on the floor with a Nerf Gun humming “Mission Impossible.”  We thank the Thursday gods for dogs who appreciate such silliness, and who didn’t laugh when every single dart I fired missed the target by six inches.

Nerf guns, I warn you (while we’re paused like this) have quickly become a theme in this blog.  A theme that will likely continue; even Tom Cruise needs target practice.

As for Inheritance:  since I haven’t finished, I will only say that I’m happy the book is here at last.  I was first handed Eragon in 6th grade, by my reigning favorite teacher.  Not being one for fantasy, it took me a few tries to get into it, but when I finally did, I loved it.  This love has risen and fallen since then, mostly due to Mr. Paolini’s tendency to take three years to write one book.  Still, Inheritance is here now.  I coveted it all over Europe, and now it’s finally in my hands.  Excuse me while I get back to my reading.

Happy Thursday.


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